Valverde/Gosfield/Jimenez-COMING SOON


1 - Gabriel Valverde: Sexteto

2 - Annie Gosfield: Almost Truths and Open Deceptions

3 - Marisol Jiménez: Bestiario Onírico I – Migración


This collection begins with a piece by the Argentinian composer, Gabriel Valverde, Sexteto (1997/98) for flute, bass clarinet, harp, violin, viola, and cello. The piece was conceived as the result of a cultural exchange for the “Intercambio Cultural Argentina-Dinamarca” project, commissioned by the “Danish Chamber Players”. In 2010, Argentina was one of the focal points for the concert programs in “Gare du Nord”. Marisol Jiménez is a Mexican composer from Guadalajara. Migración (migration) is the first piece from a series called Bestario Onírico, which was inspired by a collection of poetic, dream-like images. Roughly translated, the collection is titled “A collection of animal-like images, derived from dreams.”

The New York-based composer, Annie Gosfield, has released three solo albums on John Zorn's label, “Tzadik Records”. The chamber concerto for cello and ensemble, Almost Truths and Open Deceptions is the third of these albums, produced in 2013 on a CD of the same title.