1 - Bettina Skrzypczak: Acaso
2 - Alfred Knüsel: Aspekte – Spuren – Symbole (WP)
3 - Alfred Knüsel: … VERSCHWINDEN … (WP)
4 - Balz Trümpy: La Notte Bella
5 - Mischa Käser: nebul


Bettina Skrzypczak draws the meaning and structure of her composition Acaso from deep layers in various texts by Mallarmé, Borges, Copernicus, Rilke, and from the Maori tradition. Each of the texts constitute a complex world of thought. They all share some similarities as they dare to push into different spaces that lie on the borders of our understanding. Her position is to question and find what kind of aura arises out of vagueness.

Balz Trümpy sets the text from a poem by Giuseppe Ungaretti to music in his song-cycle La Notte Bella. The shortness of the texts results in a highlighting character which is reflected in the formal urgency of the songs.

With nebul (old German for fog) Mischa Käser created a collection of November pieces, which lean more towards moving forms in fog rather than an unmovable veil of grayness. In addition to this, there is often a waft of wind, which blows the gray gelatinous form into thin shreds that dissolve and are blown skywards.

“Ensemble Phoenix Basel” has been collaborating with Alfred Knüsel for many years.

Two of his compositions can be heard on this CD.

...VERSCHWINDEN..., written in 2008, is a musical examination of one principle thought: the association of sound elements that are at once processed, or formally mediated, and that are, at the same time, stemming from heterogenous sources. Embedded in the sound-world of a woodwind continuum, there are three precisely formed and inlaid sound-spaces for violin, bass, and harp.

With the title Aspekte – Spuren – Symbole (2012/13), Alfred Knüsel plays with the principle of the simulation of Nature. Some personal aspects underlie these concrete traces of selection criterion, but the piece doesn't deal with musique concrète. With this, a singular moment from the past is compositionally grasped as a repeatable experience and, as a result, it becomes a symbol.